A Piece of Advice for Those Aforementioned New Readers…

To those “new” readers: Stick to formulating vapid slogans and campaign promises you can’t keep. Leave blogging to those of us who actually know how to make a real argument.

Case in point:

That’s not to say negative ads always work. During the last Governor’s race, one side spent millions of dollars on multiple ad campaigns pummeling Baltimore City and its then-mayor. While it probably damaged the local economy – basically inviting people to root against the City’s progress – ultimately, it didn’t succeed.

No one pummeled Baltimore City. The whole “they’re Baltimore bashing” was a cop out designed to deflect legitimate criticism. Pummeled its then-mayor, yes, and deservedly so. However, the only person to blame for Baltimore’s lack of progress or damage to its local economy was… its then-mayor, who is doing a pretty good job damaging the whole state’s economy as governor. Its not like he filed a lawsuit that increased the energy rate hike that he promised to stop, then turned around with his own negative ads blaming the then-governor of being too cozy with big business.

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That bunk may fly with the Kool-aid drinking choir, but now that the emerald emperor has no clothes–a 37% approval rate tends to do that–one would think the message makers would stop drinking from that well.

However given the legal doublespeak below, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Views expressed on KO punch are not necessarily the views of KO Public Affairs. Likewise, those appearing on KO Punch are not making any endorsements of KO Public Affairs LLC.

Their views are not their views and don’t endorse the product of their own firm. This from the folks who brought you “the special interests have their governor,” “One Maryland,” and “most peoples’ taxes will go down.”

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