Will the Dobson Endorsement Affect Andy Harris’ Campaign?

You must first answer this question. Is the Harris campaign devoting adequate resources to getting the word out about Dr. Dobson’s endorsement to the folks that will be most receptive? If the answer is yes, this could be the one that puts Andy over the top.

Dr. James Dobson is an icon in the evangelical community. His honesty and devotion are beyond reproach. Sure, I haven’t agreed with Dr. Dobson on all of his political moves, but I’ve always been impressed by his ministry.

The affect of Dr. Dobson’s endorsement is not in his ability to convert people into becoming Harris supporters. He will, however, motivate many people who might not otherwise go to the polls to do so. If those people go to the polls, they’ll vote for Harris.

Andy Harris is the ONLY choice for socially conservative voters. While in my opinion there is no question that Harris is the fiscal conservative’s choice, others may differ. There has been a great deal of confusing, and misleading, advertisement from all three candidates as to each candidate’s stance on core fiscal issues as well on the hot button issue of immigration.

IF Super Tuesday is fairly decisive in the GOP Presidential race far fewer casual voters will be motivated to go to the polls on February 12th. Some may argue that if McCain locks up the nomination many social conservatives will stay home. The endorsements of people like Dobson and Phyllis Schlafly will motivate those folks to go to the polls while the casual, non-social conservative will stay home.

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