Why it’s good for McCain if Huckabee stays in…

In perusing the media coverage of the Potomac Primary, I’ve noticed this:

When they do not ignore Mike Huckabee, they paint the race as Obama vs Clinton (close-could go either way), and McCain (presumed nominee) vs Huckabee (underdog). This seems to make great television, and gives each party two very different stories of interest.

If it was Barack/Hillary vs just McCain, we would have less coverage about our part of the race, and the Dems would get all the viewers. Also, it would allow both lefty candidates to try to out-do each other in going after McCain, who would have to wage his war against two opponents at the same time.

Mike Huckabee staying in for now means the Democrats will have to continue going after each other, and spending their money there, and still keeps our race in the news. John needs to do a lot to win the reluctant right he has been frustrating for years. Yet it appears he will not have to work as hard to win the nomination as those in the Hillary and Barack camps will to win theirs.

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If Mike can stay in ’til the convention, the drama could get interesting and actually gain attention from the media. Then if John gets the nomination (as expected), he could really win the conservatives over by picking a strong one of them as his running mate. It may help if he coughs a lot during the rest of the race, giving hope to the conservatives that he may soon have to turn power over to his right-leaning veep.

It is very disappointing that many of the party movers and shakers are getting on the McCain bandwagon, and the never-ending question asking Mike to step down. Hypocracy Alert here: I wanted him to quit as well, but that was when Romney was still in the race and had a real chance. It is different now. At this point, I am not convinced Mike leaving the race would instantly bring conservatives into the fold, and would unite the party. We claim we are the “Big Tent” and the party of ideas. So, why should we shut down debate over the direction of the party and give up before the fat lady has taken the stage? The party big-wigs should not be a part of the “McCoronation”, and should be glad Mike Huckabee is in the race, it is keeping it fresh and newsworthy, and may be a key to a win later.


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