We Are Stasi

We are Stasi. If you don’t remember the good old days of the Cold War, you might not recognize the term “Stasi”. The Stasi was the East German Secret Police force. One of the strengths of the Stasi was compelling East German citizens to spy on each other and report what they learned back to the Stasi. It was estimated that at one time, the Stasi had over seventy-percent of East Germans spying on their neighbors, family and friends. The German government is still dealing with the vast archives of the Stasi and the information contained within — over 40 years of spying by neighbors on neighbors.

Erich Hoeneker would be immensely proud of the Maryland Senate and its child abuse bill.

You see, the Maryland Senate has just passed a bill 35-10 that makes it a misdemeanor for any healthcare worker, police officers, educators, and “others” to fail to report “suspected” child abuse to authorities.

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Oddly enough, the legislation doesn’t include employees of the Department of Social Services. i say that, because if you go through Maryland news archives for the last couple of years, you see a distinct pattern where the most horrific cases of abuse and death occurred on the watch of DSS. That’s right: the most horrific cases of abuse happened in to children already in the DSS system.

But of course, government does no wrong in the warped and twisted world of liberals like O’Guvnah and the State Politburo. And since government does no wrong, we must make everyone part of government. By turning them into spies.

So now, if you are a parent, every time you drop your child off at daycare or school, you have to wonder: Is my kid’s teacher going to turn me in today? Every visit to the emergency room or the pediatrician can be met with suspicion. Are your kids a little rambunctious? They fall a lot? Run around and trip? Better watch who sees those bruises.

Get pulled over in a speed trap? Does your kid have band aid? Bam! Get ready to drive to the precinct. If you can’t stand the Fuller Brush man, wait until the Department of Social Services shows us to check out your home. Do they need a warrant? Probably not, after all, they have received a report of suspected child abuse.

Spank your child? You are in really deep doo-doo. Use hot sauce to tame a mouthy tongue on a four-year-old? Better hope your son or daughter doesn’t talk about it at school. Send your child to bed without dinner? Better call 1-800-LAWYER now while you still have your phone call.

All because you are “suspected” of abusing your child. One parent’s discipline is an government spy’s abuse.

Another point: will the state now (finally) require Planned Parenthood to report the age of sexual partners of the women for whom they perform abortions? After all, sex with a minor under the age of 16 in Maryland is statutory rape. How will the baby-killing liberals in Soddom on the Severn handle that one? Or is statutory rape not child abuse?

At the end of the day, this law does not make Maryland safer for children. It does not provide for safer homes, safer schools, and safer communities. It does no more to hold abusers accountable. All it does is allow O’Guvnah and his fellow travelers in Soddom on the Severn to say “Look, we’re doing something.”

Unfortunately, he now has Marylanders spying on Marylanders, in the grand tradition of the Stasi.

Erich Hoenecker would be proud.

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