There are TWO Sides To Pro-Choice

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See, this is going to be one of those commentaries where my conservative side is in full view for all to see. I should also mention that this commentary is brought to you by SB 690 & HB 1146. These are the bills that started to come to light in regards to pregnancy centers, but it is targeting church-backed pregnancy centers. In both bills, it would “[require] that limited service pregnancy centers make specified disclaimers to clients and potential clients; requiring that disclaimers be given by specified staff under specified circumstances and in a specified manner; defining a term; etc.”

All of this is coming on the news which was in The Examiner this morning that NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland released a report accusing 11 free state pregnancy centers of providing inaccurate information. The report from NARAL is an interesting read to say the least. In the introduction, it says “After hearing accounts from numerous women about unfair and deceptive practices at CPCs, the NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund initiated an investigation into Maryland CPCs.” Wow.

OK, let me preface this by saying that I think that government should stay out of a decision that is ultimately between a woman and God. However, I am personally pro-life. I believe that killing an unborn child is murder without question. In addition, I am also an ardent defender of equal treatment and freedom of religion, to the point that America is a Judeo-Christian nation that allows those who are not Jewish or Christian to celebrate whatever religion one wants. The Bible does give choice, but God prays that we choose life, each and everyone of us.

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I admittedly cringe at some of the actions pro-lifers take in trying to make their point, most of which is far from Christ like. I would like to see individual advocacy on a case by case basis through places like Crisis Pregnancy Center that urges women who are not ready to be a mother, to give the baby up for adoption. There are many parents who would love to be parents if they are not naturally able to do so. By the way, parents equally mother and father, MAN AND WOMAN. These centers in my view are the best thing the pro-life movement has in helping the cause to save unborn children from abortion.

And now with the help of Pro Choice Maryland, a few unscrupulous state legislators wants these centers, many of them church based, to basically say that the word of God might not be accurate or true. As a Christian, I have a BIG problem with that. This is the state basically telling a religious organization that they have to discredit what they preach, infringing on freedom of religion.

I am also offended that the report has the tone that CPC’s are targeting low-income and young women who are sexually active. That is an inflammatory statement. What about the women…or should I say teenage girls who do not want their parents to find out for fear of shaming their family or their own image in the eyes of said parents. These centers are, if anything, targeting the lost. Those without a strong presence of God in their homes or their lives who have no one else to turn too. I do not believe the majority of them are low-income. Overall, we are talking about women who are afraid in general and it has nothing to do with their age or their bank account. It has more to do with what is going to happen if I tell mom or dad, my employer, my partner.

The report is also hypocritical. Who says that the pro-choice people are not as deceptive. They act as if Abortion is the easiest thing to do, but it does have a mental toll. There was an article in the January 17 edition of The Baltimore Sun (the link I had is dead) in which abortion can have a toll on men as well. Men who were getting ready to be fathers or didn’t see any problem with the abortion at the time. Both sets of men were still left in a common area known as, “What if…”

When I was a young teenager, I saw the video of an abortion. I would not want to wish that on anyone. It was the most graphic footage that I have seen in my young years, it is inhuman what the unborn child goes through. And as with the death penalty, something can go wrong. The same thing can happen with abortions because it is still a medical procedure and is still subject to something going wrong that can in fact make a female infertile or something else that cannot get fixed.

What Pro-Choice advocates are trying to do is discredit and eliminate the other side of the argument when it comes to the unborn child, thus not allowing for a real choice. If NARAL was not afraid of presenting a real choice, they would not be putting their effort in silencing the dissenting voices to abortion. Look at what they are proposing as “remedies”:

– The government should support only legitimate family planning clinic and full-service pregnancy aid centers that provide unbiased counseling, birth control information and referrals for abortion services.

– Church groups and individuals who support services for pregnant women should look closely at the programs and materials they are funding. They should insure that the organizations they support provide volunteers and clients with scientifically accurate and honest information about reproductive options.

– (This one is key) Local Health Departments and school systems should not provide referrals to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

– (Key Factor #2) High school and university newspapers should refuse to print misleading ads for CBC’s.

Remember what I just said, if pro-Choice advocates were really for a choice, they would not want to try to silence the other side by shutting them out CPC’s. I should also not that they said high school and university papers…they did not say the papers of high school and universities in low-income areas.

If you are a Christian, then you have the utmost duty to call your delegates and tell them to vote no on this bill. At the very least, you should call the sponsors of this legislation and tell them to withdraw it from consideration because it infringes on your right to practice your religion. It’s called a slippery slope, if they try to discredit Christianity in the CPC’s, then there is no telling what they would try to do. Please be adults when you call legislators. It’s one thing to be passionate, but it’s another thing to be fanatical and disrespectful. Call and calmly state your case in a peaceful matter. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used peace and through his actions, we are having the best race relations in this country’s history.

Now the people sponsoring H.B. 1146
Del. Roger P. Manno (D-Dist. 19)
Del. Elizabeth Bobo (D-Dist. 12B)
Del. William A. Bronrott (D-Dist 16)
Del. Kathleen M. Dumais, (D-Dist. 15)
Del. Brian J. Feldman (D-Dist. 15)
Del. C. William Frick (D-Dist 16)
Del. Barbara Frush (D-Dist. 21)
Del. Jim Gilchrist (D-Dist. 17)
Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez (D-Dist. 18)
Del. James W. Hubbard (D-Dist. 23A)
Del. Tom Hucker (D-Dist. 20)
Del. Anne R. Kaiser (D-Dist. 14)
Del. Benjamin F. Kramer (D-Dist. 19)
Del. Susan C. Lee (D-Dist. 16)
Del. Brian K. McHale (D-Dist. 46)
Del. Maggie McIntosh (D-Dist. 43)
Del. Karen S. Montgomery (D-Dist. 14)
Del. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam (D-Dist. 10)
Del. Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk (D-Dist. 21)
Del. Shane E. Pendergrass (D-Dist. 13)
Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg (D-Dist. 41)
Del. Justin D. Ross (D-Dist. 22)
Del. Shawn Z. Tarrant (D-Dist. 40)
Del. Jeff Waldstreicher (D-Dist. 18)

Click Here to find the phone numbers of the people above and of your respective delegate.

The people sponsoring S.B. 690 are
Sen. Richard S. Madaleno, Jr. (D-Dist. 18)
Sen. Jennie M. Forehand (D-Dist. 17)
Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Dist. 20)

Click Here to find the phone numbers of the people above and of your respective senator.

This report and these bills are an attack on religious institutions, if nothing else, an attack on Christianity with the distinct mission of trying to discredit one side in a two sided argument. Hopefully, you can understand why really being pro-choice is not really a choice after all.

P. Kenneth Burns is the editor/writer of Maryland Politics Today and is a contributor to Red Maryland and Salisbury News. He lives in Laurel, Prince George’s County. His email is

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