The Law of Unintended Consequences

Yesterday the Maryland Senate gave its approval to a law tightening the reporting requirements for potential child abuse.

The Maryland Senate gave preliminary approval yesterday to controversial legislation making it a crime for teachers, nurses, police officers and other professionals to fail to report evidence to authorities if they suspect a child may have been abused.

The Democrat-controlled chamber voted 42 to 4 to support the measure, but the decision came after heated debate about whether the state would be going too far in making failure to report suspicions of child abuse a crime. Critics said the bill places too heavy a burden on state workers, especially teachers, and would subject them unfairly to lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

There are a lot of reasons why conservatives should be concerned about this law. It probably ensures anytime you take your kid to the emergency room for an injury that you are going to receive a visit from some state functionary. When your kid goes in for a regular pediatric visit and has the lumps and bumps most of them acquire, ditto. Our schools, already cesspools of mindless adherence to “zero-tolerance” rather than occasionally engaging their commonsense, will certainly hop on the bandwagon.

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But there is one really good reason why we should consider supporting this law.

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In 2004, the most recent year for which data is available, Maryland abortionists performed state sanctioned infanticide on 43 girls under the age of 15. An additional 1,285 were performed on young women aged 15-19. This comprised 20% of all abortions performed in Maryland.

Under the law being contemplated the ersatz nurses and doctors at these “clinics” would have had a positive legal requirement to report to the police all cases of girls aged 15 and younger who even showed up for a consultation.

While this might not have prevented abortions it would have initiated investigations into something over 100 of these cases and it would have inevitably resulted in the conviction of some number of sexual predators of all ages.

Too long abortion clinics have been allowed to exist in some netherworld where the rule of law does not apply and your humanity can be checked at the door. This law would be one small step towards bring this disgraceful and indefensible industry under at least the same level of regulation as a McDonalds.

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