The Gilchrest Pout

No, this is not the new dance craze inspired by Britney Spears. This is the response by a United States Congressman after losing his bid for reelection on Tuesday.

In fact, Gilchrest is pouting so hard that he has set aside political decency and protocol and refusing to call and congratulate Andy Harris on his victory. What caused this huge temper tantrum?

Well, in fact, it actually has very little to do with Andy Harris. It has to do with Chris Meekins. Who the hell is Chris Meekins, you ask? He’s the campaign manager for Andy Harris. After polls indicated that Harris would win, Meekins stated that “Gilchrest served in the Marines during the Vietnam war, but voters wanted a genuine leader who was a true conservative.

Yikes! He said that?!!! Oh, the humanity! An immediate apology is absolutely necessary. What? Why? Yeah, I have no idea either. Apparently Gilchrest is upset that Meekins didn’t acknowledge Gilchrest’s 18 years in Congress as an quiet moderate career-wanna-be politician.

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Message to Mr. Gilchrest – voters are getting tired of career politicians who keep pushing more of the same crap on us year after year. If you’re not going to start making changes, you will LOSE.

Let this be a message to Steny Hoyer and Roscoe Bartlett, Maryland’s 2 other career politicians. We WANT term limitations. Don’t say that you favor them over the 20 years that you’re in Congress. That’s hypocritical.

So, Mr. Gilchrest, stop your whining, call Harris and congratulate him, and go get a real job like the rest of the public.

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