The Biggest Losers

Now that the week of the much-heralded Potomac Primary/Chesapeake Primary/Crabcake Primary is over, I think it is a great time to look at this weeks’ Biggest Losers.

Biggest Loser #1: O’Guvnah Marty O’Malley

O’Guvnah failed to carry Maryland for HRC. In fact, Obama drubbed HRC in the Old Line State on Tuesday (and in DC, and in Virginia). If O’Guvnah was hoping to move into the Naval Observatory before his term in Maryland expired, he should think again.

This was a huge loss for O’Guvnah. He endorsed HRC early and often, and tried to tie his cart to her star. As her campaign supernovas, his national prestige will indeed suffer. It also took another hit this week as his “Energy Efficiency Act” went over like a chrome-plated fart, and word came out from some new polls that his approval rating is lower than the President’s. And O’Guvnah didn’t even start an upopular war in Iraq!

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Biggest Loser #2: The Eastern Shore

State Senator Andy Harris is definitely an improvement over Wayne Gilchrest in nearly every way. But the fact that he did not carry one single county on the Eastern Shore — even Wicomico, where nearly every major GOP player was in his camp — is bad for the Eastern Shore. One third of the state of Maryland is not even represented by a resident (notice I did not say native).

This is the ultimate blowback of the gerrymandered redistricting of Parris Glendenning, designed solely to create a new Democrat stronghold in the 2nd and preserve a Democrat stronghold in the 3rd. Folks on the Eastern Shore of Maryland are upset about this. I would suggest they turn their fury at state and local Democrats like Norm Conway, Jim Mathias, Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt and Salisbury Mayor Barrie P. Tilghman.

If you are mad that your potential Congressman is a resident of the Western Shore, don’t blame Andy Harris. You need to target Norm Conway, Jim Mathias, Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt and Salisbury Mayor Barrie P. Tilghman and push at them hard. It was their party — in cahoots with the Circuit Court — that created this mess.

Biggest Loser #3: 2nd Congressional District

C.A. Dutch Ruppersburger will be unopposed in the November election, because Maryland GOP leadership was unable to recruit anyone to run in this highly-gerrymandered district. That is bad for the district, because the crucible of an election is an prime opportunity for citizens voices to be heard, and real change — not just hollow “Obama Change” — to be made.

Biggest Loser #4: Citizens in General

The average turnout for the State of Maryland was less than 50% of registered voters. It was in fact, 37.45%. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 2.5 to 1, and the Democrat primary was hotly contested, and represented a historic choice between the first viable woman candidate for President and the first viable black candidate for President, this low turnout is shameful. Given the greater fact that a judge extended voting hours by 90 minutes to compensate for weather and traffic issues, its an abomination.

Where this has the biggest impact is in the incumbent protection racket. This was the first election since 1995 where two Congressional incumbents lost in the same election. Voters claim they want change, but when they are afforded the opportunity to really effect change, they duck and cover.

If you were eligible to vote on Tuesday, and didn’t, you should be ashamed of yourself. You should have to turn in your “adult card”.

Biggest Loser #5: The United States Congress

Okay, this one doesn’t have to do with the primary. It’s about the sheer stupidity of Congress investigating anything they choose to, and in this case, baseball. Congressman Waxman has even said that the steroid hearings featuring Roger Clemens and Brian Macnamee were a waste of time.

Duh, ya think? I know that most Congressman aren’t rocket scientists. But can’t we at least expect a little common sense? Apparently not when voter turnout hovers around 37%.

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