Rejected By The Ones They Love

It appears as if one time Democrat darling Pat Foerster who challenged Andy Harris for his State Senate seat attempted to sign on as a Delegate to the Democrat National Convention. But despite all the hopes the party had for her, she was rejected to represent them at the Convention!

Pamela Guzzone was also rejected for her spot to represent her favorite candidate at the Dem Convention. Despite the fact that hubby Guy Guzzone is a former Howard County Councilman and current House of Delegates member, he was also rejected. So both of them can stay home and watch on TV.

Prince George’s County Delegate Gerron Levi got the boot from a ticket.

Baltimore City Councilwoman Belinda Conaway, member of the clandestine Conaway clan, wasn’t good enough for her candidate of choice. Pappa Frank was chosen as a Delegate for the ill-fated campaign of John Edwards.

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My favorite Delegate, Baltimore City’s own Sandy “I’d Rather Play Baseball than Do My Job” Rosenberg got the axe. But I hear that it was probably because the schedule interfered with him cleaning the sunflower seeds from the dugouts with his tongue.

Delegate Nat Oaks joins the list of the rejected. Hell, Doc Cheatham, head of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP was even given the boot.

Montgomery County’s Dana Beyer who was rejected for a spot in the House of Delegates in the election, and then by the Central Committee, has now been rejected by her candidate. Montgomery County’s Susan Lee didn’t get a seat at the table as well.

Proving their disdain for business, they ditched Thomas Saquella, head of the Maryland Retailers Association.

So that’s the wrap up of the rejected…

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