Refuge Podcast #56 – Mid-Session Review

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In our opening segment, a listener asks to hear more about the recent dustup concerning the request for expenses of our county legislators. The local media misses the real story but you will hear it discussed in this podcast. Listen in and share your thoughts!

Our blogger roundtable convenes with Red Maryland contributors Brian Griffiths and Mark Newgent to follow up on our General Assembly Session preview. As we work through the midpoint of the regular session, how are the major issues before the legislature proceeding? Our blogger contributors offer their opinions and insights.

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In our closing segment, we open the “Fat Files” to discuss two new reports on the obesity scare. First, a new call for an international solution to obesity even though the sponsors admit having no idea what effective measures would be. Second, a proposed state law in Mississippi would make it illegal to serve any person who the state deems to be obese.

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast


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