Refuge Podcast # 55 – Conservative Soul Searching

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In our opening segment, I share the thoughts of conservative leaders and commentators on the burning issue on the minds of conservatives, how to deal with a McCain nomination. I share a piece from Michelle Malkin and lead a discussion about how conservatives can continue their struggle in a positive manner. Listen in and share your thoughts!

Our blogger roundtable convenes with Red Maryland contributos Brian Griffiths and Brian Gill to discuss the issue of crime. As we chronicle how liberal leaders in Annapolis have created an environment which promotes crime, what can and should Republicans do to present a better alternative to Maryland voters? Our blogger contributors offer their opinions and insights.

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In our closing segment, an update on our discussion of the Citizens for Better Government. In addition to what has been reported on the Conservative Refuge, I share an update on the group’s response to the growing public criticism arising out of their recent campaign finance report. You will want to hear what questions the group will answer and what they will not disclose publicly and make up your own mind.

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast


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