Provisional Ballots in CD-1

Every time I refresh my browser the numbers change (Now Wayne is catching up with Andy).

Since the voting was extended to 9:30pm…
… and some of the campaigns did robocalls to let people know they still had time to vote…
… and those voting later had to use provisional ballots…
and those ballots will not be counted ’til later in the week…

…we may not know the result for a few days!

(WOW! That was a run-on sentence!)

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ADDENDUM: Interesting results so far… Wayne didn’t catch up enough.

A district that had elected a local Eastern Shore left-leaner for years decided to go for someone more to the right (social right) from outside the majority of the district. Yet that shift right did not translate to the state as a whole, as the supposedly more conservative Mike Huckabee was not embraced, and the supposedly less conservative McCain won the entire state, with no majority in any county for Huck, even the more conservative areas. Bartlet still reigns in his district.

Really wierd.


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