Ocean City Maryland to lose Volunteer Firefighters…

The Volunteers will be moving to their West Ocean City headquarters, while leaving the paid firefighters responsible for the rest of the shore town. This is due to a dispute with the City Council, which refused to consolidate authority and responsibility in one Chief. The Volunteers evidently partially own firehouses and equipment in town, that the City will now have to buy them out of or replace. The taxpayers will have to also replace the dedicated volunteers with new paid staff.

As an admitted outsider, the question I have is whether this is the typical paid vs. volunteer firefighter debate going on elsewhere, or is there more to it? Why do government bodies get their panties in a wad when volunteers can do a good (or better) job of performing some valuable service? Can’t they handle the “competition”, in this case in an area where they should be able to work together as a team? Is it the loss of authority/power/prestige? Whomever is at fault, it seems a d@mm shame, and the taxpayers and residents will suffer.

For details, check out this article...

Also the Salisbury News has coverage.

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Any comments from our friends on the shore- closer to the story??


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