Now we know how out of touch O’Malley is

I was pretty stunned to see this:

“Everyone seems to know what the Wii is,” O’Malley joked to a packed audience at the Charlestown Senior Center in Catonsville. But he had not heard of the latest Nintendo craze until one of his aides asked what he knew about the Wii (pronounced “we”), which features a controller that allows players’ actual movements to dictate what happens in the game.

Of course, a picture says millions of words here…

It’s kind of stunning to think that a “progressive” like O’Malley doesn’t know the slightest thing about a wildly popular toy/physical therapy device that has been bought by millions of people. How out of touch is Martin O’Malley?

Fortunately, sometimes jokes write themselves:

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“What do I know about we? I’m always in the business of we,” he remembered saying.

Probably because O’Malley is in the business of telling us it’s raining a lot…


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