monoblogue’s legislative checkup

With the recent Congressional election I was a little bit slower than normal getting to this, but during the General Assembly session I like to know what my local legislators are up to as far as the measures they’re standing behind. So this previous weekend I waded through a lot of legislation to see what they were sponsoring.

While I wrote it from the perspective of Wicomico County (legislators from Districts 37 and 38), it should provide a decent overview about bills we should all be interested in – at least these were my top 50. The local Democrats had their study here, while my GOP brethren got their post here. Of course, I had to tell readers how I felt about most of them while I was at it.

Take a look and feel free to suggest items I may have missed – it’s likely I looked at them but they didn’t make my cut. The posts are plenty long as is, hopefully you’ll find them informative.

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