John Flynn’s Warped World

If this quote is even close to accurate…..:

Before the first vote is cast Tuesday in Maryland’s primary, the state’s Grand Old Party has already declared its mission accomplished.

Republican Party Executive Director John Flynn said the GOP put more emphasis on staying competitive across Maryland this year, rather than letting Democrats run unopposed in left-leaning districts.

…..then we’re in bigger trouble than I thought we were. I almost spit water on my keyboard when I read that because it is so patently absurd that it’s ridiculous. I’m not sure what emphasis there is on staying competitive, because we basically have let Democrats run unopposed in at least one left-leaning district.

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For an example:

Ron Paul supporter Richard Pryce Matthews, an Orchard Beach Republican, will be challenging four-year Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger of Timonium in the 2nd District race. Mr. Matthews, who has raised no money, is campaigning on a platform of abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and the federal Department of Education as well as ending the war in Iraq and repealing the Patriot Act.

Patently absurd. If the Party recruited this joker, John Flynn should be fired. If we didn’t recruit this joker, John Flynn should be fired.

John Flynn’s complete failure as Executive Director is getting even harder to put up with, and he should have been replaced months ago with somebody who can actually get the job done. I’m not saying that being Executive Director of the Maryland GOP is all milk and honey, but Flynn is clearly not up to the task…


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