Is It Too Much to Ask to Get Basic Facts Right

Nick Loffer may be a well meaning guy, but jeez at least take some time to look at a schedule or game results.

On the NCAA side, The Terps start their campaign for their bid to make a run in Field of 64 against Virginia Tech. Maryland (17-4) is comming off a win over Florida State this past weekend. To make the Big Dance Maryland needs to try and win out without any blowouts to impress the selection committee. Tech 14-11 are looking in as a long shot for the Big Dance and to try and play spoiler to the Terps. The game is at home which will be plus for Maryland as well as leading Tech in the major statistical categories. Tech is also looking to end a 3 game loosing streak, all in conference play.

Maryland is not 17-4, I wish they were. They are 17-9.

Also, Virginia Tech is on LOSING streak not loosing streak.

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