I don’t think this is what some O’Malley supporters signed up for

Because I don’t think many of the people who were keen on the issue of home insurance thought that they were going to get this:

Maryland regulators cleared Allstate Corp. Monday of wrongdoing in its decision to stop writing new homeowner policies in certain coastal areas, a move that had been criticized by consumer advocates and state legislators.

The regulatory decision comes as the General Assembly takes up legislation intended to protect consumers and ensure the affordability and availability of homeowner’s insurance in coastal areas that are most vulnerable to hurricanes.

Insurance Commissioner Ralph S. Tyler is working with legislators to craft the bill based on a task force report that’s expected to be released in coming days.

In a fit of irony for a liberal, Tyler then went on to say this:

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Tyler acknowledged that his office’s decision in the Allstate case, which was triggered by a complaint from the consumer advocate People’s Insurance Counsel, might be “disappointing to some.” But, he said, it was based on “the law as it is written, not as we might wish it to be.”

I don’t know why they decided to start now, but hey….

I really have no problem with the decision in this case, because it seems logical and within the scope of the law. But it’s just one more way to show how liberals will promise you the world and fail to deliver when the rubber hits the road…


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