How can they increase “Impact Fees” when they don’t use the ones they have?

As fellow Red State blogger Brian Griffiths noted, the cost of affordable housing in Anne Arundel County is about to go up. It seems the County is about to increase impact fees for new housing, making it a lot more expensive to buy a new home. Yet, is this really necessary? If impact fees already collected were not used, and are about to be refunded? See the following from the Capital (Which got a new publisher Tom Marquardt- Congrats Tom)…

The Capital – Annapolis MD
Court: County must repay millions in impact fees

Opinion could cost county $22 million

Bt Earl Kelly, Staff Writer

Published February 12, 2008
The county must refund property owners as much as $22 million in impact fees because it failed to expand school and road capacity in some districts as required by law, an appeals court ruled last week.
In its Thursday opinion, the Court of Special Appeals sent the case back to the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court to gather more evidence and to compute the amount of damages owed to the plaintiffs.

At issue are impact fees the county collected from 1987 through 1996, but never used to expand schools and highways in the district where the parcels of land are located.

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