February 14th, 2008 – The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of Marriage… or the day it’s Protected?

Valentine’s Day, the time a young man thinks of his young lady, the day an older husband shows his wife his love…

… and a day when two men, or two women, may begin to see their relationships codified in Maryland Law.

This year, it may well be the day that traditional marriage is threatened in Maryland, or protected. The Maryland Legislature’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is scheduled to hear testimony on that day (at 1PM) concerning a bill to allow same-sex marriage, and other bills to protect traditional marriage.

Here’s the info for the hearings on Feb. 14th…


                                 1:00 P.M.

SB 168 Sen Greenip, Family Law - Covenant Marriage
et al
SB 169 Sen Greenip, Maryland's Marriage Protection Act
et al
SB 290 Sen Madaleno, Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection
et al Act

While SB168 and SB169 would protect traditional marriage, the falsely-named
Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act" (SB 290) would actually degrade it.

The strategy of the pro-homosexual lobby is to re-assure Pastors that they will not

be forced to conduct such a "Marriage" service, but to make the relationships legal.

Note that Senator Madeleno is listed in the Maryland Manual as having a...
"Partner, two children."

Here's some tidbits from the gay-rights group "Equality Maryland" as to SB 290:

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