Education Bill would Punish Parents of Class Disruptors

I got an interesting comment/email from a Delegate Gerron Levi (D-PG County) who is a sponsor of HB 1122. The bill will seek to punish parents who can’t get their children to behave in school or even attend school. From the email:

[the bill] would deny the state’s child tax credit to parents that fail to ensure two things: 1) school attendance in compliance with state law; and 2) no more than one suspension per year for disrespect insubordination and classroom disruption, the largest category of suspensions in the state and every county, except four. I am trying to identify those who might be interested in this approach. I am trying to spark a conversation about how parent/family and community involvement are key to reaching the achievement and other education goals that have been set.

For years we have tried to use a carrot approach to getting parents involved in their child’s education and for most parents that has worked.

But in reality, most classrooms are disrupted by only one or two kids and they are usually the same kids. Suspensions result (although far fewer under NCLB as schools are punished for having too many students suspended) and other disciplinary actions. This really impacts the bottom line of many taxpayers, but whether the bill has a chance of passing is a whole other matter.

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