Does the State Constitution Mean Anything?

hat tip Save Maryland

Friend to child predators Joe Valarrio, and fanasty camper Sandy Rosenberg have introduced a bill that would move any constituional challenges to state laws to the Anne Arundel Circuit Court.

Opponents say the bill targets lawsuits like the one filed in Carroll County challenging the constitutionality of last year’s special session of the Maryland General Assembly.

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Upper Eastern Shore Delegate Michael Smigel was the lead plaintiff in that suit. He doesn’t like the bill “I think its absolutely reprehensible that we’re going to create a super political jurisdiction,” Smigel told WBAL News.

Smigel says the bill assumes that judges outside of Anne Arundel County aren’t capable of ruling on these cases, and that’s wrong.

“We should allow the judges in the other jurisdictions to be thought competent enough to hear a constitutional matter,” Smigel said.

In the case of the lawsuit related to the special session, the suit was filed in Carroll County, because one of the plaintiffs was a computer services company owner from that county.

Last month, a Carroll County judge ruled the procedures used in the special session did not violate the state constitution.

Smigel and the other plaintiffs appealed, and the Maryland Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear the case on March 11.

Smigel says this bill makes it harder for plaintiffs, who would be now forced to go to Annapolis to argue their cases.

Great, we can now look forward to a judicial rubber stamp on constitutional violations.

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