Do We Want a Whiner-In-Chief?

Up to now I’ve been a McCain supporter for several reasons. Lord knows the man isn’t my idea of conservative perfection, but despite my disagreements I appreciate his honesty. I’ve never said that I couldn’t support Mitt Romney (if he won the nomination). Unfortunately, that time is coming.

Why? When I vote for a candidate for President I’m actually voting for several things; one of which is a Commander-in-Chief. If I want a “Whiner-in-Chief” I’ll vote Democrat. During Wednesday’s debate at the Reagan Library Romney showed himself to be a whiner.

Sen. McCain has accused Romney of being in favor of a time line for withdrawal from Iraq. McCain cites a quote from Romney. If Romney argued that he was quoted out of context, fine. In my opinion, Romney could flip the whole issue around on McCain by showing that it’s important to have a long-term plan for any military engagement. Obviously such plans aren’t chiseled in stone, but the military needs to plan for the future. This has been one of the criticisms of the the Bush / Rumsfeld campaign in Iraq.

Instead of owning up to what he said and trying to use it to his advantage, Romney has called McCain’s statements the equivalent of Nixon-style “dirty tricks”. Give me a break Mitt! Why don’t you and Hillary Clinton sit around the campfire, roast some marshmallows, sing “Kum-By-Ya” and commiserate over the “vast right wing conspiracy” and what a bad man John McCain is.

I’m also surprised that Romeny’s memory doesn’t reach back to 1972. Mine does, and I’m a bit younger than Romney! Most of what the Nixon campaign (CREEP) did fell under the heading of college fraternity pranks. Sanctioning a break-in and the subsequent cover-up are what got Nixon in hot water. If Mitt Romney can’t handle someone taking one of his quotes and having it turned against him I shudder to think how he’ll debate, much less a campaign, against Hillary Clinton (should she win the nomination). For the Clintons politics isn’t a contact sport, it’s a gladiator match to the death!

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This ain’t Taxachusetts Mitt! Welcome to the NBA! If this is how you’ll continue to handle yourself, get out now while you still have some dignity.

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