Change of Heart

Remember how the Sun used to kvetch and moan about how it was Governor Ehrlich’s fault that energy rates were going up? Remember how the Sun waxed poetic about their joy that Martin O’Malley was going to fight for the little guy to keep energy rates lower? Well……never mind:

Meanwhile, the public can’t lose sight of two hard and cold facts. First, BGE rates are a product of a global energy market and, as such, they aren’t likely to go down – ever. And second, Maryland faces a potential energy shortage in the not-too-distant future. It’s important that this be addressed, and Constellation’s proposed expansion of certain generating facilities – most especially Calvert Cliffs – ought to be encouraged.

Maryland’s “regulatory environment” hasn’t become the calamity that Constellation executives are now telling analysts. But we acknowledge that a few more confrontational weeks like this past one could push it strongly in that direction. Those involved need to tone down the rhetoric, take the lawyers off speed-dial, and have a respectful dialogue about the state’s energy future. Too much is at stake to do otherwise.

It’s hard to believe that these words are coming out of Calvert Street, except for the fact that the O’Malley Administration has pushed the situation in this direction and obviously the Sun wants to provide political cover for their guy as they are always wont to do. But maybe, just maybe, the folks up there will realize that energy rates are not the fault of Republicans in Annapolis or in Washington, and maybe they will begin to help us pursue creative solutions to fix this problem for Maryland’s taxpayers.

But probably not if it makes Martin look bad…


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