CD-1: I Endorse Wayne Gilchrest

I’m coming down off of the fence and throwing my endorsement to Congressman Wayne Gilchrest in the 1st District.

As Greg Kline noted in our RedMaryland endorsements, this is a conflicting race for a lot of reasons. Clearly, Congressman Gilchrest is not as conservative as I would like to see in a Republican member of Congress.

But does not not make him unfit to serve. Wayne Gilchrest is a good man, a man of charachter. Sure, I may not agree with him all of the time on the things that he has done and the votes that he has made, but he has served in Congress with honor. With Wayne Gilchrest, you know what you are going to get, and that consistency is not a bad thing under our current circumstances.

E.J. Pipkin is a worthy opponent, and is more conservative than Congressman Gilchrest. Under different circumstances, I would consider supporting him. But under the current situation, I think Senator Pipkin best serves the people of Maryland in the State Senate, trying to work to rein in profligate spenders in our General Assembly, and challenging Martin O’Malley’s mismanagement of our state. He has served us well, and I hope he continues to do so in Annapolis.

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There is not much more I can say about Andy Harris that I have not already said, starting with my original un-endorsement. But last night really sealed the deal for me. He gave remarks at the Baltimore Area Young Republicans Super Tuesday event at the Ropewalk in Baltimore. He spoke, and you can just get the sense from him when he spoke. He’s insincere. He’s a phony. He lacks gravitas. There is just something about him that make me feel very uncomfortable sending him to Congress. He just reminds me of the type that you can’t trust, and that he would “go native” in D.C. quicker than you can blink. I look at Senator Harris and see the type of politician we should not send to Washington.

Yes, Andy Harris is the most conservative candidate in the race. But charachter counts for a lot, which is why Wayne Gilchrest has my support.


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