BREAKING: O’Malley to begin transfer of authority from the Department of Education

It looks like O’Malley’s kissing and making up with Nancy Grasmick was step one in an elongated process.

Sources are telling me that the Anne Arundel Community College Arundel Mills campus will be hosting a 12 Noon Press Conference for Governor O’Malley tomorrow in which the Governor will announce that the administration is proposing legislation transfer the responsibilities for adult education out of the Department of Education to the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

I wonder what other tricks O’Malley has up his sleeve, but this is an amazingly frightening step. Taking something out of the Department of Education and putting it in a Department with no Educational background? And furthermore, does this mean that O’Malley’s Labor Union backers are now going to have undue influence over our Adult Education process?

More as we hear it…

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