Average Maryland Senate Session Lasts 28.96 Minutes

Thinking of going down to watch the Maryland Senate in action? If so, watch out for traffic jams or nature calls. Otherwise, prepare to miss the proceedings all together. No one can blame these guys for putting on a dog and pony show. Instead, a little research on the state website shows it’s in and out the door in about 30 minutes.

In theory, the Maryland Senators work 90 days out of the year. Of course, that number also factors in weekends when session rarely convenes. Therefore, these guys put in approximately 60 days a year. For their efforts, they “earn” $43,500 a year to $56,500 annually.

Broken down, that’s $725-$941 for a days work. Better yet, that’s about $25-$32 a minute. Keep in mind, showing up to work isn’t even a requirement for keeping the job. In fairness, all Senators work on committees that meet separate of the regular proceedings. Granted, if the formal session provides any indication, I doubt these guys and gals are devoting countless more hours to their collateral assignments. Plus, considering the $0.50 mileage reimbursement, the $41 a day meal allowance, and the $123 a day hotel voucher, I say it probably evens out in the end.

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I think I am in the wrong profession. Perhaps, I should run for Senate. After all, I could use a part-time job with excellent pay and benefits.


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