As Expected…

Governor O’Malley has sided with evironmental special interests and corporate rent seekers to increase energy costs for Marylander’s.

O’Malley, who has said he wants to be a leader on dealing with sea-level rise,planned a Tuesday announcement to back a bill that would set the nation’s toughest limits on carbon emissions, a 90 percent drop from 2006 levels by 2050. The bill would require a 25 percent drop in carbon emissions by 2020

Add this to the other additional costs of “EmPower Maryland,” last year’s 72% increase will be chump change.

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The EU, the paragon of what the American left aspires to transform this nation into cannot even meet its reductions goals. US rates of emmissions have decreased without cap and trade, whereas Europe’s emissions, under Kyoto, have increased. Furthermore, even if every nation on earth implemented Kyoto emission reductions, there would be NO DETECTABLE EFFECT ON GLOBAL TEMPERATURES.

Ladies and gentleman you are witnessing an example of the corporate state in action. Big government, big business, and special interests coming together to set the rules of the game. They get together and determine winners and losers.

They win, we lose.

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