Announcing: The flip-flopper of the 2008 Election… Me!

Are you frustrated by this election? So am I, and I know we are not alone.

Are you bewildered about who to support? So am I.

Do you keep going back and forth about what is the right thing to do in the Primary?
So do I.

If bloggers are supposed to have strong opinions, and stick to them… Sorry- I’m not your man.

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Strong opinions? Yes! But able to stick to the what to do with them? Not so much.

The frustration comes out of a sense of duty to myself, my family, and my country. I just have to look at the issues, the options, and ponder accordingly. Those of us who care enough to anguish over this are indeed in the minority (unfortunately), but it still the right thing to do.

I have been all over the map on this… reluctant to take a public (or even private) stand.

I was convinced this would be the first time I’ve ever had to sit out an election, and I was d@mm upset about it.
I was ticked that I may be put in that position. Every time I went to someone, something would go wrong, someone would drop out.

I am in good company. Former Governor Ehrlich, who should know more than me about politics, went from supporting Rudy… to Mitt… to John McCain.

So I recently proposed that conservatives not ready to anoint McCain “throw away” their vote to “send a message” to the party movers and shakers that they do want a conservative. I still think that, however, I now think that the way to do that may need a small adjustment. With even Ron Paul cutting back his national campaign to focus on winning back his Congressional seat, I took another look at someone I was leaning away from, and wound up with this:

I am now supporting Mike Huckabee for President.

Wow, did I actually say that? (no, I typed it)

I now think he is not as un-conservative as I thought. His speeches are much more inspiring than John McCain’s, and we will need someone like that if we are to go up against the “smooth-talking express” that is Barack. Against Hillary, he will offer a real alternative to her left-leanings for those on the right.

The Math? He said at the University of Maryland that he majored not in math, but in miracles, and he will need his share of them to make a difference. He may have to win every state left by an over 50% margin to deny John McCain his crown. However, unlike Ron Paul, he has a (small) chance. Let’s give it to him. If he forces the Convention to be brokered, that could be good. It will definitely be interesting, and draw media attention away from the Hil-Bama contest they are now infatuated with. It will also result in not so much a throw-away of our anti-McCain votes, but more of a recycling of them. With his delegate total approaching Mitt Romney’s, he could just succeed in making a positive difference.

Thanks to all for putting up with my ponderings and this insight into the thoughts and concerns going on in my weary head, as shown in the blogs. Vote Tuesday… I’d suggest for Mike Huckabee.

More, including audio from the University of Maryland event, coming soon on my blog…

Crossposted on Red Maryland & Maryland Chesapeake Blog by Chester Peake.

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