Anne Arundel School Board Commission becoming an Embarrassment

The Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Commission is continuing to beclown itself before it ever really does it job:

The new committee that will select county school board members is placing no limit on the number of candidates it can send to the governor.

Three of the 11 members of the School Board Nominating Commission voted last night against the plan, under which any applicant that garners a simple majority of commissioners’ votes – six out of the 11 – will be sent as a candidate to the governor.

So the commission that was allegedly designed to vet candidates now is not going to realistically vet any candidates, merely sending forth as many candidates as they desire with or without whittling the pool to a manageable number.

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Is this a joke? Is this designed to allow the Governor political cover to pick a “qualified” candidate? Is there really a reason to create an environment where every candidate could, potentially, be sent forth to the Governor? Is the Commission just going to punt on the heavy lifting and declare that every political acceptable (i.e.: liberal) candidate for the Board is good enough for the Governor’s consideration?

I dare any representative from the County Executive’s office or any legislator who voted for this legislation to come forth and defend how this legislation is good for the people of Anne Arundel County. Somebody needs to tell me how a commission with a convoluted, fly by the seat of their pants attitude is an improvement over the old process that, at the very least, limited the number of candidates set forth and allowed for a greater ability for the public to participate.

This Commission and the entire process supported by the O’Malley/Leopold faction is an embarrassment to good government and is going to become a greater hindrance to improving public education and allowing for more accountability in education. Once again this just proves how this alleged improvement is making it more and more difficult for taxpayers, parents, and educators to have input on our schools, and how hard it is going to be to keep our School Board accountable.


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