6th Congressional District Results

It was no surprise the Roscoe Bartlett won the GOP Primary. It wasn’t even close.

the big surprise for me though was Jennifer Dougherty in the Democratic Primary. Dougherty, the former one term mayor of Frederick City, beat Andrew Duck, who I thought had a much better shot a beating Bartlett and Dougherty is not particularly well liked in Frederick City. She was an abrasive mayor and her attitude of “my way or the highway” cost her the mayorship of city.

I don’t thing Dougherty will win (Bartlett got more GOP votes than Dougherty and Duck combined), but the result is interesting.

Other surprising news was not just the Donna Edwards win, but the decisive nature of the win, a 60-35 trouncing of Albert Wynn. I thought Wynn was done for, but I didn’t think the margin would be so one sided. I am guessing the Obama coattails in Prince George’s county did the trick.

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