10 Random Reasons to Reject Andy “Amigo” Harris

In the interest of brevity, I only listed 10. Trust me, I have countless more. Do the right thing tomorrow, friends and neighbors. The future of our district depends on it.

1. Less than ½ of his campaign donations have come from Maryland residents. (Source: Daily Times 2/07/08)
2. He voted for in-state tuition of illegal aliens. (Source: HB 253, 04/03/03)
3. He approved a large government handout for a dance hall in Montgomery County. (Source: SB 191, 04/09/04)
4. He has taken $500,000 in advertising from Club for Growth. They have also donated money to his campaign. (Source: Daily Times 2/07/08) Note: The Club for Growth vehemently opposes any effort to restrict oil or utility companies from maximizing their insane profits on the backs of financially strapped customers.
5. Under his authority line, he operates a website dedicated solely to personal attacks on the incumbent Congressmen.
6. He falsely claims to be the only conservative in the race and even goes so far as to slander loyal conservatives by labeling them as liberals. (Source: Numerous news outlets and radio shows)
7. Despite claiming to be pro-life, he associates himself with the likes of Joe Albero who, among other shenanigans, proudly calls the Mayor of Salisbury “a waste of good sperm”. (Albero’s comment contained in WBOC website news article dated 02/24/06)
8. He promises to fight for “republican values” in a district where democrats and independents far out number republicans. ( Source: Mailer received 10/18/07)
9. Despite the unpopular war in Iraq, Andy Harris vows to continue fighting indefinitely with no apparent exit strategy or de-escalation. (Source: Mailer received 10/18/07)
10. He initiated and then proliferated one of the dirtiest campaigns in the history of this state. Every week we were subjected to incessant mailers full of mean-spirited attacks directed towards his opponents. For the last several weeks, we couldn’t turn on the TV or listen to the radio without hearing him or his back door cronies spouting their negativity.

Certainly, Number 10 should trouble us more than any of the above. Eventually all joined in the mess. Still, we should remember who threw the first punch and continually magnified the fight. Seriously folks, we can do better in District 1 than Andy Harris. Hopefully after tomorrow, I can focus on more important topics than good ‘ole “Amigo”.

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