Will the Democrat’s “Super-Delegates” Disenfranchise Millions, Especially African Americans and Hispanics?

From Guest Contributor Martin Watcher:

In the final vote, Barack Obama had 8% more votes than Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucuses. 8% is a huge amount, in fact, Hillary had less votes than John Edwards who barely eked her out for second place by less than a percentage point. But when the delegate counts were set to how many each candidate gets to send to the nominating convention, I was shocked to see that Obama would be sending 16 Delegates, Clinton was sending 15 Delegates, and John Edwards would be represented by 14Delegates. Wait, Edwards beat Clinton but gets 1 less Delegate?

That’s because the Democratic Party puts more faith in elected officials and their party elite than they do the average voter. According to my bad math skills, the Democratic Party thinks that each one of their Congressman or Governors or party elite are worth about 5400 voters.

If you also look at the fact that African Americans and Hispanics are under represented in Congress, State houses, or the party establishment, then it shows that these white elites are given more attention by the party. This all fits a party’s pattern that thinks you, the taxpayer, is too stupid to know what to do with your own money and need Government to tell you how to do it. The Democrats are here saying that you are too stupid to know what to do with your own vote, so they want to dilute the black vote with super delegates.

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Right now, Hillary Clinton, despite coming in third, has 169 Delegates opposed to Barrack Obama’s 66 and John Edwards 47.

Real Democratic huh?

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