What Did He Have To Lose?

So a prisoner, who is serving life plus 40 years, manages to disarm 2 Corrections Officers in a daring escape from Laurel Regional Hospital this morning. How he managed to get the second gun, I cannot fathom. In my opinion, he should have been shot dead by the third officer the scene. Granted, I wasn’t there so I’ll wait for the outcome of the investigation. Anyway, such an act by this lowlife shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, what does he have to lose?

It’s a blessing this useless creature got lit up later in the day by Prince Georges County police. Otherwise, he’d be alive for years to come with ample opportunities to commit similar violent acts. It wouldn’t have mattered if this waste gunned down an entire family after his escape today. Had he been brought back alive, he merely risked a little time in segregation.

Sadly, our governor has gone on record as saying he thinks death is too harsh a penalty for any criminal. Gee Marty, do you feel as though this or any other career prisoner is deterred by the possibility of additional life sentences?

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Make no mistake about it. With a governor who has vowed to block any execution in this state, you can expect an increase in violent and brazen attacks from convicts with virtually nothing to lose. The governor lives a sheltered life. He literally stands no chance of becoming a victim of one these snakes. Unfortunately those that live and work behind the walls aren’t shielded by the same protection.


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