The Tax Revolt starts now

Good news Maryland; it seems that there are a lot of folks out there like us who are fed up with the Democrats and Governor O’Malley after the historic tax hikes:

Voters are profoundly dissatisfied with the $1.3 billion in tax increases passed during November’s special legislative session, and a majority consider the package unfair, according to a new Sun Poll.

As a result, public approval of Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, has dropped precipitously, particularly among the blue-collar voters he says he sought to protect in crafting a solution to the state’s projected budget shortfalls.

Just over a year after O’Malley won 53 percent of the vote, only 35 percent of voters approve of the way he’s handled his job….

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…n a state where education is perennially named by residents as the most important issue, high taxes have skyrocketed to the top of voter concerns, with 28 percent identifying it as the most pressing problem.

In Sun surveys dating back 10 years, the issue of taxes has never been the top concern of more than 11 percent of voters. When asked for what they consider the second most pressing issue, another 12 percent of respondents named taxes.

The discontent comes at a time of unusual anxiety over the state’s economy, with 52 percent saying they believe it is getting worse, a 33-percentage point jump since 2005 and nearly twice as high as any year since 1998.

I’m a blue-collar worker, man. I can’t afford all those taxes,” said Franklin Gregg, 57, a lifelong Baltimore resident who works at an auto parts retailer and said he used to approve of O’Malley’s work as mayor. Now, he said, he is thinking about leaving the state.

“With my mortgage, taxes, water bill and gas and electric, hey, I’m getting pounded here,” said Gregg, who was among several poll respondents who agreed to follow-up interviews with reporters.

Read the whole thing. Yes folks, the taxpayers of Maryland see how our leftist leaders have screwed the middle and working classes of Maryland. The discontent is there, and the discontent is real. Governor O’Malley’s approval rating is the lowest of any Governor in history other than Parris Glendening. And the people who O’Malley is allegedly out to protect see through his BS:

But turning the tide won’t be easy, especially among many of the “working families” O’Malley has most aggressively courted. Among those with who do not have a college degree, O’Malley’s approval ratings dip into the 20s.

I’ve told everybody, both in person and through the podcasts and the blogs, to stay angry about the tax increases. Well, the people of Maryland are staying angry, and they are fed up with the snow job that O’Malley and the legislative leadership are trying to pull on them. And I highly doubt that the discontent over these massive, historic tax increases is going to go away any time soon…


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