The opposite of a surprise

The Sun does as expected; genuflecting on the awesomeness of Martin O’Malley;

Mr. O’Malley suffered the political misfortune of being the guy to set the books right. Maryland residents are belatedly paying the still-reasonable price for the government spending they wanted (and the state needed).

Setting the books right is only political misfortune if you decide that taxpayers need to spend more money to finance irresponsible, profligate spending. Let’s face it; the price of living in Maryland is far from reasonable, and that price continues to get less reasonable as Governor O’Malley decides Marylanders are not entitled to the fruits of their labor. And I’m pretty sure that few Marylanders believe that O’Malley’s energy plan or O’Malley’s mortgage plan are affordable or desirable. And O’Malley’s recent tuition freeze plan is trying to put off today what students will pay in tuition hikes tomorrow, as there is no offset in spending proposed to make the tuition freeze affordable.

Maryland under O’Malleynomics is not affordable, and will continue to get less affordable for middle class and working families as it gets put into practice. No matter how much lipstick the Sun puts on this pig…

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