Tammy Faye Currie

Back in November my Red Maryland colleague strieff noted the self-beclowning of state senator Ulysses Currie when he said, “Lobbyists almost have no influence on the vote.”

Currie applied more clown makeup to himself, Tammy Faye Baker style. Speaking at MACO yesterday, Currie stated that backlash from the technology industry will make it “almost impossible” to keep the computer services sales tax from being repealed.

No influence indeed.

I suppose there was no “influence” involved for Currie, in the greased skids for SB 566. This is the law that allowed former state Democratic Party chair and O’Malley crony, Wayne Rogers to circumvent the PSC so his company Synergics Wind Energy LLC, could build a wind farm in a environmentally sensitive area of Garrett County.

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