Somebody grab Joe Albero some cheese….

….because he’s got the whine down real good:

I go back to that Blognetnews crap and the way they calculate their best to worst results. You’ve got one guy over there named Brian Griffiths with three Blogs. There’s Brian Griffiths, Red Maryland and then Maryland Politics. The guy is playing their system like there’s no tomorrow and then Monoblogue is riding off their shirt tail and cross posting with this guy for the free ride. How many comments do you have Michael?

Joe, the sooner that you realize that you are not the center of the universe, the sooner your world gets better. Fact checking probably wouldn’t hurt either since I have ONE blog, and I crosspost at RedMaryland. I don’t know where you get three from sunshine.

Again Joe, if you want to actually make a point, make your sitemeter public for everybody to see. Because otherwise, nobody believes a word you say about hits and record numbers and this and that and the other thing. This isn’t the first time you pitched a fit about me, so knock it off. Just because the rest of us have jobs and can’t drop everything to annoy local government or grab a camera and blog about someone’s misfortune doesn’t make you half as good as you think you are…

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