When Judge Joe Manck resigned his position as an Anne Arundel County judge last year, it was a day for celebration. For years, we watched as this creep handed down light sentences to some of the most vile creatures ever to walk the streets of this county. Recall, Bill O’Reilly’s crew once showed up at Manck’s house after he gave a child molester 4 months for sexually abusing his eight year old daughter. Likewise, Manck’s indifference to criminal behavior likely cost a Florida woman her life back in August.

When I heard that Judge Manck would be hearing the case involving Brandon Morris, the thug who brutally murdered a corrections officer, I immediately questioned what the chief judge in Howard County could be thinking. I realize that Howard County got stuck with this case as a result of a change of venue. Still, one would have thought The Honorable Diane O. Leasure would have exercised more common sense than to tap ome of the most soft judges in the history of jurisprudence. No doubt, her flawed decision to allow Manck to hear this case, despite his well publicized leniency, was troubling on its face.

Well, as predicted, Judge Manck refused to give the death penalty to this vile creep. Instead, Manck thought a life without parole sentence would suffice for an animal who stood over his victim as he pleaded for his life. What happens when this creep kills again? His victim may be an officer or it may be an inmate. By this sentence, Manck has sent Morris and all other lifers a loud message that they essentially risk nothing by taking as many lives as they choose.

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If Brandon Morris manages to kill anyone again both Manck and Leasure will have blood on their hands. Of course, Manck already has plenty on his. Manck should never be allowed to hear another criminal case anywhere. In turn, Leasure should offer her immediate resignation.


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