Refuge Podcast # 52 – 2008 General Assembly Preview

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In our opening segment, some news and comment on the call for “collaboration” by Annapolis’ liberal leaders. You will want to hear the brazen hypocrisy of venal, partisan elected officials calling for bipartisanship and cooperation.

Our blogger roundtable, with Red Maryland contributors Brian Griffiths and Mark Newgent, convenes to discuss the upcoming session. What will be the hot topics for the session? Will there be more tax increases, an abolition of the death penalty and legalized gay marriage? Our blogger contributors offer their insight and opinions.

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In our closing segment, we make another visit to the “Fat Files“. I share some good news that the “obesity epidemic” is overblown and convey new scientific findings showing that “you no longer need worry so much about being obese“.

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast

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