Refuge Podcast # 51 – The Stakes in Iowa

Beginning our second year of podcasting it is the Conservative Refuge Podcast. You can listen by visiting here:

In our opening segment, some news and comment on the lawsuit to overturn the recent special session. I share some information you have not heard elsewhere as well on the very latest news in the case. I also relate portions of an editorial in the Baltimore Sun showing why the left just does not “get it” when it comes to the rule of law.

Our blogger roundtable, with our Red Maryland contributor Brian Griffiths and special guest David Kyle, convenes to discuss the Iowa caucus. What would the victory of certain Republican candidates say about the future of our party? Will there still be a Republican nomination fight when Marylanders vote? Our blogger contributors offer their insight and opinions.

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In our closing segment, the very latest from Iowa and some thoughts about what is at stake in the Presidential nominating process.

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge

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