Recomendation for President…

As to the effort to endorse candidates… I admit that this election it is really hard for me to do so.

I really, really wanted to support Mike Huckabee, but have heard too many stories of the left-leanings of the Good Pastor. He can talk a good talk, but I once voted for someone merely because they were supposed to be an evangelical Christian (yep- Democrat Jimmy Carter- I was young and foolish- forgive me), and I do not want to make the same error again. I considered Fred Thompson, but he’s out. Brownback or Tancredo? Not possible now. While I admire Rudy, and could vote for him in the General if he were the nominee, it looks like he may not be, and I’d prefer someone more conservative. It would be very, very difficult to vote for McCain, I’m not sure I could even do it in the General. Ron Paul… we won’t even go there. Marylander Alan Keyes? Sorry, you seem more of a pastor than even the Huck, but you do not have a chance, sorry Alan. While Mitt has some problems with his conservative street cred, I think he may be the best choice.

So, I hereby officially recommend Mitt Romney. To those who say that only Rudy (or now, McCain) can hope to beat Hillary, I say this…

Look, I loathe the idea of either Democrat Senator being commander-in-chief, but if the alternative is not too much an alternative, but just a “R” flavor of the same “D” views, no thank you.

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I refuse to totally give up on the idea that we can get someone in there with some right leanings. Mitt’s a business man, so he can relate more to that segment than some of these lifetime politicians. Yes, he’s a Mormon, but others that held the office were far, far, far from evangelical. Mormons promote conservative family values, something evangelicals can relate to. I have no fear that he will be able to usher in some Ladder-Day Cultic religious power-grab. If JFK didn’t turn the government over to the Pope, and Carter didn’t put the Baptists in charge, Mitt won’t be able to, either. I believe he is the best chance we have to offer Americans a real alternative to Hill-Bama. I do not think he will allow illegal immigration to continue to go unchecked. I believe he will be strong against the terrorists, and understands the economy. The more I get to know him, the more I like (unlike some in the race).

So there you have it, as much as I would have liked to support Tancredo or Thompson, or would have absolutely loved to be a Huck-a-Bee…

At this point it seems the best choice is Mitt Romney for President!

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