Pot Calls Kettle Black…What’s OK for Democrats is not OK for Republicans

from Maryland Politics Today

I am sure those of you in Central Maryland read that farce of a Baltimore Sun editorial this morning saying that the Republican lawsuit filed in Carroll County is a waste of government resources that is just a chance to score political points. That line alone is a complete farce.

I’m thinking of the years 2003-2007 where Democrats kept Maryland from moving forward and were more concerned about scoring points over Governor Robert Ehrlich. As a matter of fact, in 2003 when Ehrlich was setting his appointees, they rejected one of them to make a political point.

The democratic led General Assembly during that time did nothing nor did they show interest in engaging the side. The one thing you can say about Ehrlich is that he actively brought everyone to the table, while O’Malley only brought back members of a disastrous administration with a concentration on Central Maryland. Ehrlich’s administration came from all over the state.

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The Sun says that the Republicans should engage their peers and the general public on policy. Their peers, should be open to what they say and not flat out stone wall the Republicans. The general public has been listening, but the majority leading the legislature is not listening. If they were, slots would not be going referendum. Slots would have been an up or down vote.

I guarantee that the Democrats would be attempting to do the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot. As a matter of fact, their national counterparts are attempting to do the same thing in regards to suing President Bush. I suggest that The Sun think about the political point attempts between 2003-2007 by the Democrats (in which they helped to make the attempts) before they call out the Republicans. They’re hands are just as dirty.

P. Kenneth Burns is the editor/writer of Maryland Politics Today and is a contributor to Red Maryland. He lives in Laurel, Prince George’s County and can be contacted through kennyburns@marylandpolitics.us.

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