Pawn of the Republicans

Hat tip to Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters

Ken notes the revealing fact that today’s Sun piece by Liz Bowie does not
note Nancy Grasmick’s significant financial contributions to the Democratic

The January 10 Baltimore Sun, reporting on an escalating personnel struggle in Annapolis, dutifully noted liberal Gov. Martin O’Malley’s (D) charge that state school superintendent Nancy Grasmick is a “pawn” of the GOP. Grasmick has served under three governors, two Democrats Govs. Schaefer and Glendening), and Republican Robert Ehrlich.

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Yet completely missing from reporter Liz Bowie’s article was any mention of Grasmick’s historic political ties to Democrats. Indeed, 30 seconds in an online would yield campaign contribution data showing Grasmick has only given money to Democrats.

According to, in the past seven years Grasmick has given money to incumbent Democratic congressmen or congressional candidates such as Elijah Cummings, Dutch Ruppersburger, and John Sarbanes. Grasmick also gave $500 to the state Democratic Party in 1999, the first year of liberal Gov. Glendening’s second term. Not once during her tenure was a contribution to a Republican listed.

Shepherd is mistaken on that last point, but it is a distinction without difference when you look at the numbers from the Maryland State Board of Elections’ Database, data from which, Open does not have.

According to the MSBE database Nancy Grasmick contributed $11,189 to various Democratic candidates versus $2,700 contributed to three Republicans.

The last time O’Malley pulled a stunt like this he accused someone of being a pawn he called Ehlrich’s PSC, “advocates for big corporate interests.” Of course O’Malley’s consumer advocates could not stop the 72% rate increases like he said they would, because as in this case, the law is a inconvenient obstacle for O’Malley.

If O’Malley wins this political battle, Maryland public school students will get the shaft.

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