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One last regarding blogs during 2007

So, being a baseball fan I have an unhealthy interest in statistics. So I decided to run the numbers of all Blog Net News Most Influential Bloggers numbers on a week-by-week basis to determine who was the most influential blog or blogger in Maryland in 2007. I ran the numbers much like they do for the NCAA rankings, 20 points for 1st place, 19 for second, all the way down to 1 point for the 20th ranking. I just added the points up to see who was # 1.

Ladies and gentlemen, statistically speaking Maryland’s Most Influential Blogger of 2007 was……..Me.

Here are the point totals for the top 20:

1 Brian Griffiths 487
2 monoblogue 443
3 Free State Politics 439
4 Salisbury News 407
5 Maryland Politics/Red Maryland 396
6 Hedgehog Report 303
7 Pocomoke Tattler 302
8 Delusional Duck 300
9 Baltimore Reporter 255
10 Maryland Politics Today 240
11 Candid Truth 239
12 Annapolis Politics 233
13 Kevin Dayhoff 195
14 Capital Punishment 172
15 WorcesterRight 165
16 157
17 Charles County Café 139
18 Delmarva Dealings 135
19 Maryland Politics Watch 132
20 The Main Adversary 121

There are a lot of conservative bloggers at the top of this list. More interesting nuggets:

Trending: From Maryland Reporter…Fatherlessness and Political Cowardice

Weeks Spent at # 1:

Brian Griffiths 9
Free State Politics 5
Salisbury News 5
Red Maryland 3
Monoblogue 3
Candid Truth 1
Maryland Politics Today 1
Pocomoke Tattler 1

I also put the raw excel spreadsheet online if anybody wants to really get into the numbers…

Happy New Year everybody!


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