O’Malley to Maryland – Hug a Tree and Pay Through the Nose

Maryland voters may have thought they were voting for a Free State version of Bill Clinton in 2006, but it appears that they got a minor league Al Gore instead. The Baltimore Sun reports that today Gov. Martin O’Malley will release a legislative and policy plan that will include “an estimated $100 million fund for environment-friendly initiatives and
an emphasis on consumer responsibility for electricity consumption.”

True to Democrat form, O’Malley justifies such an initiative through fear mongering. O’Malley claims that Maryland’s power network is failing and that his proposals are needed to ensure against blackouts as early as 2011. Who will ultimately pay for these proposals? Electrical consumers, of course.

This plan comes after O’Malley’s failure to keep his campaign promise to keep BGE rates from rising 72%. Yesterday we learned that rates were increasing again to fund a giveaway of compact fluorescent bulbs. Now Marylanders will pay yet more for a series of tree hugging initiatives.

Voters should not forget that this $100 million proposal is in addition to the spending and tax hikes already foisted upon Maryland by the party of the left. Will politicians like O’Malley ever learn that markets, not government, solve problems like this.

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