O’Malley out of touch, out of control

Governor O’Malley is going farther and farther to prove that he has lost touch with reality when it comes to Governing Maryland.

First, take a look at his comments regarding Nancy Grasmick:

Gov. Martin O’Malley called longtime state schools chief Nancy S. Grasmick “a pawn of the Republican Party” yesterday, and other top Democrats said she should resign, indicating on the opening day of this year’s legislative session that they might make good on threats to force her out…..

Speaking during a morning taping of WYPR-FM’s Marc Steiner Show, O’Malley, a Democrat, said that if Grasmick refused to resign he would support legislation enabling the state school board to replace her with someone who is not a “poster child for No Child Left Behind or a pawn of the Republican Party.”

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“I’m looking forward to a new superintendent, and I’m looking forward to bringing one [on] in the very near future,” O’Malley said.

The concept of long-time Democrat Grasmick being a “pawn of the Republican Party” is laughable considering Grasmick’s history. She started out as a Schaefer appointee, remember, and has often been criticized over the past decade or more (often by Republicans, mind you) of the state of Maryland’s school system. Of course, O’Malley’s thoughts on the matter look even more mindless when you consider that you consider that Maryland school are ranked third in the nation .

Then there is this gem from his opening remarks to the House of Delegates yesterday:

“Important work remains to be done,” O’Malley told House members. “As we proved before, progress is possible.”

If anything, Governor O’Malley has proved that with him progress is not possible. His continued adherence to outdated ideas of the role of Government, ideas that came forth with the Great Society in the 1960’s, prove that Governor O’Malley is committed to progress only for his own political career. O’Malley’s continued support of higher taxes and unaffordable spending priorities certainly prove that O’Malley is not committed to making progress for Maryland’s working and middle class families.

Maryland cannot make progress when we have a Governor who is out of touch from certain realities, and out of control with his attempts at abusing his power. It’s as clear as day that Maryland will not be able to provide a livable future for the working and middle class families of Maryland until Martin O’Malley is no longer Governor of this state and replaced with a Governor who actually cares about the plight of Maryland’s citizenry…


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