O’Malley as Popular as George W. Bush

Last week one of my coworkers asked my why I had not blogged about the article in the Washington Times about the poll for O’Malley’s approval rating being lower than Bush. I thought, this doesn’t come as a surprise. That would be like me going around telling people how sexy short balding 35 year-olds are. Everyone already knows this. No one would get any new information about that posting.

On Sunday, the Baltimore Sun released a poll that indicated that O’Malley’s approval rating plummeted to the lowest of any Maryland governor in the history of the poll. This raised my eyebrow momentarily, but then it lowered by itself. Anyway, if the ultra-liberal newspaper says O’Malley sucks, they may be onto something.

Finally, on Tuesday, a new Gonzales poll reaffirmed the previous two polls. Not only was his approval rating in the tank, but his disapproval rating was sky-high. O’Malley had accomplished the unthinkable – the trifecta of voter disapproval.

Why, you ask, is Martin O’Malley just so darn unpopular right now? It certainly couldn’t be the bloatation of the state’s budget or its accompanying ass-jabbing tax increase. People in Maryland love it when you raise their taxes to the point where they have to negatively adjust their spending habits and way of life.

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And it certainly wouldn’t be because he lied to us. You know, the ones where he promised to lower taxes for most people, replace the Public Service Commission with competent industry experts, or help the illegal immigrants get drivers’ licenses (oops, bad example).

Perhaps people just don’t like O’Malley anymore because he was giving Marylanders a big wedgie in the hallway. No one likes that. Or perhaps because he squished our sandwich at lunch. Remember that time at the playground when he got mad because he wasn’t getting his way and decided to take his ball and go home? I bet that had something to do with it, too.

The world may never know. But there is one thing that O’Malley can count on. Marylanders have a short memory and when it comes time for reelection, he’ll be recognized as the greatest thing since the gerrymandering Maryland 4th Congressional District.

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