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Newt Gingrich Endorses Wayne Gilchrest – or Did He?

According to the Daily Times headline, “Gingrich Stumps for Gilchrest”. The article notes that Gilchrest is an “old friend” of Gingrich. Of course Newt’s “stumping” was limited to the confines of a fundraiser. The Baltimore Sun is a bit more honest when it quotes the former Speaker:

Wayne is an old friend,” he said. “If only for his leadership on the Chesapeake Bay, he was a person worthy to be in Congress.

That’s one hell of an endorsement. It was almost as tepid as former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele:

In 2006, “the American people basically slapped us upside the head,” he
said, adding that they demand “we get it right. … We cannot get there
by trying to beat Republicans.”

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Sure enough Mike. The American people justifiably slapped the GOP upside the head precisely because we supported the likes of Wayne Gilchrest, Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, and a slew of hogs who had bellied up to the Bush-endorsed trough of “borrow and spend”. The party of Reagan had totally abandoned its principles of fiscal responsibility and small government.

While I certainly am disappointed at Gingrich even appearing at a (pre-primary) fundraiser for Gilchrest, at least Newt didn’t lower himself by claiming that Gilchrest is a man of principle.

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