My (New) Man Mitt

Well, now with the disappointing news about Fred Thompson’s withdrawal from the race, this is no time to sit on the sidelines and watch things play out.

That’s why I will now be supporting Governor Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination to serve as our next President.

It is true that Governor Romney has not been as consistent a conservative as Senator Thompson, or as consistent as many Republicans would like. However, Governor Romney is the only major candidate left in the race talking about conservative ideals and conservative principles. He is certainly a far more attractive candidate for motivating the Republican base, and bringing to Washington a support of smaller government than any of the other candidates in the field.

Governor Romney’s conservative credentials are extremely important when you consider how important it is for the future of our nation and our party to make sure that a liberal like Mike Huckabee is not nominated as the standard bearer for our conservative movement.

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Governor Romney was not my first choice, but he is the best candidate in the race to lead our party and our nation in this important Presidential election, and I am supporting him from this day forward.


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